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Icy Phoenix Italia

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Mighty Gorgon Community

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Icy Phoenix Italia
Benvenuto in Icy Phoenix

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1. [MOD] Avatar Required (Giovedì, 10 Gennaio 2013, 19:58)
Aggiunge come campo obbligatorio l'inserimento avatar in fase di registrazione
2. [MOD] Avoid Renaming Files (Mercoledì, 02 Gennaio 2013, 16:58)
Evitare la ridenominazione dei file caricati da dload.php su
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Icy Phoenix RC 1 Inviato il  Lunedì, 12 Novembre 2007, 12:27 Da fracs
Icy Phoenix News
Hi all,
after some extra live tests on several sites, I've decided to go with RC 1 of Icy Phoenix.

What's New respect to Icy Phoenix

  • Groups system: the old color group mod has been dropped and a new system has been recoded to make groups management close to phpBB 3 way.
  • CMS features: now it is possible to assign blocks on single pages, not only as global blocks, but as specific blocks. It is possible also to duplicate blocks from others layout.
  • Save as draft: it is now possible to save posts and PM as drafts. The function is similar to phpBB 3 one, but much more simpler and with less features.
  • Caching images: all images are now sent in cache, even external ones. A direct link is then included in the post for saving CPU charge (despite of more disk usage). This will speed up Icy Phoenix a bit, especially for those servers that don't like getimagesize PHP function. Only dynamic images won't be cached.
  • New Downloads System: since I need this pack for an extra work, I've decided to integrate it in Icy Phoenix so you can use it in conjunction or alternatively to PA File DB. There is no link for this, but you can choose in constants.php where download link should point to. This feature it is still under test, and currently it is configured to not use any extra SQL charge to the package. (Because I've disabled features who where SQL consuming for Icy Phoenix).
  • Pages sessions: phpBB 3 has a much more flexible pages sessioning system, allowing better tracking of what users do. In Icy Phoenix I have partially replicated it, by modifying the way sessions work.
  • Actions logs: I have coded a small and simple logging system which stores on files all the actions performed by users which alter in some way the DB. The logs are difficult to read, so it is disabled by default and the switch to enable it is hidden. If someone is interested in I may show how to enable it... but I won't help in reading it, because it is tough for who doesn't know PHP, and how requests are made.
  • Extra stuff not enabled by default and not supported: since many of you requested integration of Cash and Activity, I have decided to integrate this in Icy Phoenix, and I will continue to keep them updated as the release is going on... but no support will be given with these extra features.
  • Templates: some small adjustments have been applied to the templating system to make it a bit more flexible and some new templates designed by me will be available with this release.
  • Extra BBCodes: there are now extra BBCodes you can use to format your posts... as soon as I have the time I will include some demos. Plus there is now a random number generator.
  • Extra debugging: phpBB 3 has a cool debugging feature which tells you the queries of each page and the time used for them. I've tried to enhance this feature a bit including some extra info and memory usage. This will be tremendously helpful for those webmasters who wants to understand the entity of Icy Phoenix charge and settings. Extra info about the usage of this feature, will follow.
  • Small fixes and adjustments: several small fixes and adjustments have been applied to the package. I don't have a full list of them, but you will notice some changes somewhere... I hope you will appreciate it. Just some of them: resend registration, remove cookies, album rss, new thumbnails functions.
  • Security fixes: unfortunately I've found during the dev phase some extra security holes which I have fixed the most risky in the available patch for 15b, but two of them which I was unsure, have been recoded differently to minimize infection risk.

Older templates: Please note that templates designed for won't work fine with this version. All older styles have to be updated before using them. I will try to show template creators the way the may follow to upgrade their templates.


For release candidates almost full support is given, especially to those people helping with language packs and templates creations.

As usual, no code changes will be released, and won't probably be released for any version in the future. This is because the package is quite huge and writing code changes requires much time: as I already said in the past, I prefer to focus my free time on developing the package instead of writing huge code changes that could be difficult to be applied. Trust me, in most cases it is quicker to replace old files with new ones and reapply eventually added mods (you should take note of the mods you have applied). My efforts will be dedicated to the upgrade procedures to allow you to upgrade your sites with the smallest unexpected issues.

Anyway for final release, I'll try to provide a changed files package and a small template changes guide... or at least a list with the changed files for those who have modded their site or released templates. I'll try to give translators a list of changed files as well.

In install folder now you have some extra files you may use to convert your board, delete old files, fix db tables...
  • install.php: this is for brand new installations.
  • update_to_ip.php: this is for upgrading from phpBB or any XS or Icy Phoenix versions.
  • clean_tables_ip.php: if you want to clean up your tables, resetting them to the default Icy Phoenix ones, you can use this files. This file is meant for standard Icy Phoenix, not for modded versions. This file may be used even when upgrading from other platform: phpBB Plus, IntegraMOD, FullyModded... etc. Please note that this action cannot be undone, make sure you have a full db backup before proceding.
  • clean_old_files_ip.php: this files will delete all unused files from previous installations of Icy Phoenix. Please note that this action cannot be undone, make sure you have a full backup of all files before proceding. (This file may not run correctly on some servers configurations)

Available Packages

Since this is a release candidate package, I prefer to release an all in one package which includes in several folders all the extras and templates. I know that this means having a bigger file, but I don't want users trying to install extras in the latest stable release, because with high probability modifications for Icy Phoenix won't work in newer releases, because of the new modifications I made to the core files.

Currently available is only a single big pack.

Icy Phoenix RC 1
Package Name: Icy Phoenix
Package Version: RC 1
Release Spot: $mg = new MightyGorgon(); //This instantiate a new MG class

DOWNLOAD: Icy Phoenix RC 1

Should you ask for support, please remember that this is an open source community and me and all the Staff are doing all for free and in their spare time... be kind, be patient and respect other users efforts and hard work.

Enjoy Icy Phoenix!
Luca Libralato



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